Setting The Pace
Host / Announcer / Emcee / Professional Driver / Voice Over

You're looking at the website of Nate Pace! A natural entertainer and public speaker. Specializing in automotive knowledge, tech savvy, and a quick wit make him the perfect fit for your event. Whether you are looking for over the top excitement building to bring your display or show to life or if you are looking for a sophisticated speaker for the black tie event you're using to wow your clients Nate Pace is sure to deliver.

Trade shows, events, and promotions are just the beginning. Nate Pace is also a professional driver, has hosted live builds with the crew of Pimp my Ride, hosted game shows, shot live television along with internet streaming for large scale events such as E3! Even dyno runs inside the auto shows! Completely improvised!

Tech talks and one on one attention to detail is also a specialty of Nate Pace. From gadgets and gizmo's, to games, motorcycles, or planes! Hot rods and fuel savers alike can be broken down from the most detailed description or brought to the widest audience with a simple understandable and relate-able explanation. With media relations experience you can be sure the statements made will be phrased correctly.

In his free time you can find Nate Pace at different places across the country engaging in various activities. Everything from auto racing, motorcycle racing or just taking a long cruise across the country, flying jet air planes or doing free falls and facing his fears! Always trying new things and expanding his understanding of people and life. With a true desire to better himself while making the world a better place for those around him, you can count on the understanding it takes to reach a large and diverse audience.

Take a look at the reel, dive deeper into the other available videos and take a peek at the social media outlets and you'll see that Nate Pace is as versatile, and professional as they come while still maintaining the fun and excitement to keep the attention of the masses. Now's your chance, so don't pass it by!


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